The BPS 70th Annual Meeting is being organised by a team of volunteers from the University of Swansea, led by Dr John Griffin.

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John Griffin

John is an Associate Professor in Swansea’s Biosciences department. He is a coastal ecologist with a special fascination in the wonderful form and functional diversity of seaweeds.

Jordi Sola

Jordi is a PhD Student at Swansea University. He is interested in understanding the local role of spatial environmental heterogeneity in the structuring and functioning of rocky shore communities.

Fleuriane Fernandes

Fleuriane is an Aquaculture Researcher with expertise in micro and macroalgae cultivation. She is interested in micro/macro algae cultivation systems, ecophysiology, bioremediation and algae-associated bacterial communities.

Rahul Kapoore

Rahul is a Research Officer in the ALG-AD project – a strategic initiative of the INTERREG North West Europe Programme promoting circular economy and led by Swansea University. He is responsible for fractionation of algal biomass and its later development into commercial products.

Carole Llewellyn

Carole is a Professor in Applied Aquatic Bioscience at Swansea University. Her interests revolve around microalgae and cyanobacteria.  From understanding how algae adjust to environmental change at a cellular level through to how they can be used at larger scale to provide solutions to the global challenges we face.

Sara Barrento

Sara is a marine biologist currently working at the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research. She provides management and communication support to all projects. Sara is passionate about people and their invisible connections with the marine environment through food, art and science. Seaweeds are an amazing link between these universes.

Tom Fairchild

Tom is a multidisciplinary ecosystem functions and services researcher at Swansea University, working primarily with macrophytes in coastal intertidal areas. He is particularly interested in interactions between canopy macroalgae and associated understory/epibiotic biota.

Laura Cappelatti

Laura is working at a Finnish algae-based biorefinery, where she is involved in the development of seaweed aquaculture in the Baltic Sea. She is interested in the ecology of marine macroalgae and in circular economy.

Kasper Brandt

Kasper is a PhD candidate investigating the potential for cultivating kelp in Wales. He is working on multiple aspects relating to this, in particular focusing on studying the effect of the environment on kelp growth and morphology. His research interests are in seaweed aquaculture and ecology.

Nathan Thomas

Nathan is a PhD student at Swansea university working on the basic biology and biotechnological applications of the mint sauce worm. His project hopes to understand more about the Welsh population.

Alla Silkina

Alla Silkina is a senior post-doctoral researcher, Research Officer within algal biotechnology group and in charge of research and communication for the ALG-AD project at Swansea University. Her main research interests are Microalgal scale cultivation& algal related product development, Biotechnology, Circular economy, Research and Development (R&D), Waste remediation, and Plant physiology. Strong research expertise for academia & business sector and applied research.