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The guidelines and submission process are the same whether you are submitting and abstract for an oral or a poster presentation. 

You can specify which type of presentation you are submitting on the submission form.

You can submit your abstract to the general phycological session or one of the special sessions. You must choose only one session.

A maximum of one abstract submission per lead author is permitted.

Formatting your abstract

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Maximum word counts:

  • Title: 12 words 
  • Abstract: 350 words 

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Student prizes

Students are invited to compete for

  • The £250 Manton Prize, in honour of Irene Manton (1904-1988)  awarded for the best oral paper by a postgraduate student. 
  • The British Phycological Society Student Poster Prize of £150 for the best poster by a postgraduate or undergraduate student.

Poster competition entries will be exhibited on Wednesday 5th. Oral presentations will be given during the Irene Manton prize session on Thursday 6th. You can indicate your intention to enter one of these competitions on the abstract submission form

Both events are assessed by a panel of BPS members from across the entire field of phycology for both science and style. The Irene Manton Prize is assessed by the criteria below:

1. Scientific concept: introduction to the subject of the talk; gaps in knowledge; aims of the investigation.
2. Scientific content: practical approach taken and results obtained.
3. Discussion of results and justification of conclusions arising.
4. Style of oral presentation: clarity, speed of delivery, engagement with audience.
5. Visual presentation: use of visual aids; clarity of presentational style.
6. Timing of oral delivery: high importance given to keeping within the allotted time.
7. Responses to questions arising.