Outline programme

Tuesday: Orientation and ice-breaker 

Wednesday: Keynote, Sustainable food systems, AGM, poster session

Thursday:  Blue carbon, General phycology, keynote, public lecture, social

Friday: General phycology, awards and closing event 

Special sessions 

Blue carbon

There is increasing interest in the capacity of algae to contribute to meeting ‘net zero’ emissions targets. Through invited and contributed presentations, this session explores the latest scientific evidence linking algae (micro- and macro-) to carbon storage and sequestration. We anticipate a diverse and vibrant session, and we encourage contributions related to all aspects the topic – whether freshwater or marine, micro- or macro-algal. We are also interested in management interventions such as ecosystem restoration as a tool to enhance blue carbon services. 

Sustainable food systems 

Algae form an important and growing part of the food system in the UK and worldwide. Research in algae and food systems include optimising strain selection, cultivation methods, and post-harvesting processes, as well as novel applications such as using algae as a cattle feed supplement to reduce methane emissions. This session embraces broad contributions and aims to explore the potential of research to unlock the full potential for algae in sustainable future food systems.